Textwise is specialized in the production of technical documentation. These are typically documents delivered together with a hardware or software product. Depending on the product and the audience, technical documentation can consist of:

  • Technical specifications
  • System requirements
  • Release notes
  • Online help
  • Installation guides
  • User guides for different audiences: system administrators, product developers, end users, professional services, and so on
  • Reference material with information on codes, scripts, error messages, system messages, algorithms, interfaces and so on
  • Instruction materials

Textwise has over 12 years of experience with the production of technical documentation for different types of products. Additionally, over the years Textwise guided many non-technical writers, such as product managers and developers, with the production of product documentation.

Documentation plan

Textwise writes an extensive documentation plan for each new project that requires technical documentation. This plan covers the scope and audience of each document and the planning of the entire project. During the project, Textwise collaborates with product managers, developers and (if possible) end users.

For more information or references, do not hesitate to contact Textwise.