Founder and manager of Textwise is Anita Nauta, master in Dutch linguistics in combination with Informatics. Language and IT have always been part of my career, as you can read below.

In 1990 I started my career as computational linguist at IBM. In this job I have composed a digital lexicon to be used for natural language processing. At that time, an amazing project: email, PC and internet were far from common.

The years after I have worked as account manager in the translation business. Besides the management of multiple translation projects I was responsible for proofreading translations and terminology management.

At the time that IT became booming business, I started working for Academic Service, in these days the biggest publisher of Dutch IT books. Being editor in chief, I guided the production of hundreds of books. An interesting and busy job but I wanted more IT…

After a short break at the help desk of Hewlett-Packard in Germany, I started 12 years ago as technical writer. My perfect job! Language, IT, organizing and structuring information, writing – all in one go.

Yet I still had one desire: to deploy all my experience and knowledge in a professional way. Besides language and IT I am also interested in and knowledgeable about healthy food, natural medicine and spirituality. My greatest wish is to write as much as possible about all my interests for a wide audience.

So, on March 1 2012, I started my own company called Textwise. I work freelance for different companies and organizations and offer professional writing and editing services. My specialties are technical documentation and books.